Natural peat

Natural Peat (or White Peat Moss) is mainly used for soil improvement and is suitable for making growing media for vegetables, horticultural plants, trees, etc.

Moreover, natural peat is intended to be used in greenhouses and hotbeds, as packing material for storage of vegetables and fruits, as heat insulating material, or as an excellent material for preparation of various composts and substrates.

Natural peat possesses high moisture absorption capacity, low thermal conductivity and low bulk mass.

This peat product does not contain weed seeds and harmful micro organisms.

Moisture % 40-55
Decomposition degree % H1-H4
Acidity pH 3.0
Ash content % 5

0-7 mm
0-10 mm
10-30 mm
30-50 mm

Packaging available: bulk or polyethylene bags 150 L, 250 L, 300 L, 6000 L; 30-50mm/Fiber in 6000 L bags only.